Oursky is a leading Hong Kong-based software development company. Since 2008, we have teamed up with startups, listed companies, agencies, education institutions and NGOs from all over the world to build meaningful digital products. Our project managers and full-stack developers use the most appropriate technologies for each project, whether they are latest frameworks or languages or new neural network models. We developed with agile best practices to:

1. Crafting tailor-made digital products begin with detail-oriented UX/UI and handed off with maintainable source code
2. Providing transparent client communication throughout development

We have built iOS products for startup clients that received “Best App of the Year” in 2013 and 2017. The apps were developed for international markets and also available in Hong Kong. Over 70% of our iOS applications are featured by Apple App Store.

Our team of developers includes AI specialists who build algorithms and train new neural network models. Our services have included, but are not limited to, image classification, sequence to sequence model, natural language processing, generative models, sound and signal processing, and facial detection for integration with AR features in applications.

In addition to our software consulting service, we have developed tools for developers including Skygear, MakeAppIcon, and Shotbot. Our flagship product, Skygear, is a developer-friendly serverless solution designed for scalability to help companies develop products efficiently to meet today’s biggest challenge: business agility.

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