iSAPPOS is a new company diversified from our highly successful POS business. Leveraged from the technology and manufacturing expertise of our Taiwan mother company, world’s 3rd largest POS manufacturer, Flytech Technology Co., Ltd.

We have the experience of working in the POS industry for over 20 years from manufacturing POS hardware to customizing unique designs and to fit different customers’ needs around the world. Our design and engineering know-how extends from the main stream POS terminal solutions to the Mobile POS and Payment Terminal Solutions required today for small scale businesses. Throughout the years, we have gathered great relationships with component suppliers and have learned all the details of a tedious, highly stressful, yet rewarding manufacturing process; from ensuring careful material preparation, strict quality control, mass production, to prompt delivery of products to the end-user.

Our products feature high-determination in the quality, the aesthetic double-injection jacket design, the sleek curving aluminum edges on the base plate, the overall attention-to-detail functionality, the ease of peripheral connectivity, and the state-of-the-art security mechanism. Our commitment to excellence reflects to our slogan, we want to be “Your Best POS Technology Provider.”

We are excited and love new ideas that can enhance the retail experience. If you need an integrated hardware that completes your great app as a total solution, or if you want to bring in additional integration to our hardware that can further streamline the retail experience, we can be versatile, and we want to be there for you.

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