Integrated Solutions Limited (ISL) has been a developer of enterprise software applications since 1985. With over 30 years of proven experience in information management, ISL is unique and outshines the competition in Hong Kong and China. Instead of engaging in custom-made work which only emphasize features fitting to one company’s needs, ISL places tremendous weight on the improvement of its products and its services to the needs of the Hong Kong and China regions, and it has built a reputation of quality workmanship. In addition, ISL is the only software provider to hold 2 Q-Marks in Hong Kong.

In June 2013, ISL acquired Tera Age, a leading software provider which focuses on mobility solutions and apps. Tera Age was founded in 1999, and within 9 months, Tera Age gained over 200 customers using our apps. Along with the in-depth knowledge, experience, service, an award-winning solutions and expertise in the Greater China market, this acquisition is now stronger than ever, allowing ISL to more comprehensively serve the market.

ReportNOW is a mobile data interchange platform for all organizations. As long as you have an iPhone or iPad, you can stay connected with your business anytime and anywhere. With ReportNOW, users can instantly upload data to their company database(s) over the internet. ReportNOW easily interfaces with most existing database systems, so users can generate reports with real-time information and capture up-to-date information from their iPhone and iPad devices.

ReportNOW is the only interactive mobile solution in the market which is compatible with different database systems and which provides various formats for real-time reporting on multiple platforms. Most importantly, users can enjoy full functionality directly from their iPhone or iPad devices.



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