The Gravitas Group is the leading mobile marketing company in Asia. Since 2003, we have served over 200 brands of Fortune 500 companies, listed multinational corporations and renowned local groups in providing unique marketing strategies through mobile and executed more than 2,000 successful campaigns in the last decade.
With an emphasis on fulfilling full-range and groundbreaking mobile marketing campaigns for clients at one-stop, the Group has forged with expertise to exceed clients’ expectation in the areas of:

  • Mobile Consultant – as a bunch of mobile strategy consultant, creative engineer and IT fanatics enthusiastic in realizing creative concepts and marketing strategies.
    • Advertising Professional – provides an extensive network of quality mobile advertising inventories in Asia, reaching on-the-go audiences with excellent return on advertising investment.
      • Game Guru – specializes in creating mobile entertainment contents, such as games and social networking to supports the gamification marketing and advergaming.
        • Mobilized Membership Solution – empowers the entrepreneurial competency in the strategic use of e-business technology and mobile applications to retain customer loyalty.
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