Discovery Technologies Limited (DTSL) is a leading 3D printing, 3D Scanning & STEM solution provider in Hong Kong, servicing more than 10 universities and tertiary institutes, 400 K-12 schools, and 2000 enterprises & individual customers in Hong Kong.

Providing a full suite of 3D printing and scanning solutions, customers from various sectors will be able to see, make and test their ideas in real space. In addition, professional and tailor-made technical consultancy, post-sales support and 3D printing/scanning services are offered to various industries, including higher education, K-12, design & manufacturing and hobbits etc.

Various products in DTSL solution portfolio are based on and supported by Apple devices, i.e. iPad and Mac. As an iOS in Business Program partner in Hong Kong, DTSL can assist customers to experience and apply the latest cutting-edge technologies to unleash their unlimited creativity.


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