Cornerstone Management Group is a technology focused accounting firm. As a Xero Gold Partner, we encourage and help Hong Kong startups and SMEs get their financial accounts onto Xero and help minimize back-office efforts via cloud solutions.

As an accounting firm we provide the following services:

Virtual Bookkeeping Services
– Each month, as your firm has expenses and revenues, we help perform the bookkeeping and categorizing to ensure that the money spent and the money received is in accordance to your bank account.
– With this, we create your management reports all in Xero, on the cloud, accessible anywhere.

Business Advisory
– With accurate management reports, our team of professionals can sit down with you to understand your firm’s financial position.
– With accurate management reports, your firm is now able to apply for a loan or go and seek investment.

Virtual Controller
– Budgeting and financially planning based on analysis of your management reports.

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