Bindo is the one-stop solution for retailers and F&B industry. From doing sales, managing the inventory to knowing your customers, we provide all-rounded and well integrated solutions to cater all your needs. In Bindo, we are committed to help you run your business better.

The Bindo Marketplace brings your store online, connecting you directly with local buyers and enabling them to make same-day delivery purchases from the Bindo iPhone app. Your in-store and e-commerce transactions are all synchronized in real-time with Bindo POS, so your online inventory is always up-to-date.

Combined with powerful analytics, the Bindo platform gives merchant greater control over inventory and the ability to receive on-demand real-time reports on this profit margins, sales growth, and customer behavior.

Along with those, Bindo provides an comprehensive and innovative solution. From material control, kitchen display, stocktake app, self ordering system to queuing system, we take care the needs of merchants inside-out. All these amazing modules are well integrated with the POS with unified APIs. You will never need to maintain a few different system in your business.

Bindo provides a customized mobile iPad POS solution that’s tailored specifically to your business. Since its inception in Feb 2013, the Bindo platform is now used by over 3,000 merchants. We’ve processed over $1bn in transactions, with credit cards, Apple Pay, Allipay and WeChat Pay, and we are bringing together local communities in more than 60 countries across 100+ verticals.

At Bindo, we guarantee you a next generation POS that will optimize the way you do business, putting you at the leading edge of the industry.


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