BeyondZ is a leading mobile solution provider with clients based in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Founded in 2011, BeyondZ focuses on corporate mobile solutions for Sales and Marketing, Internal Control, Finance, Market Research, etc. It its first five years of operation, BeyondZ’s global blue-chip client base has grown significantly, and it now includes Sing Tao Group, Group Buyer, Johnson & Johnson, Gucci Group, ING insurance, Gain Miles, Pernod Ricard, Kerry Logistic, Galderma, KVB Kunlun, and B Ducks.

Apart from individual client projects, BeyondZ also deployed an all-in-one solution which combines BLE and mobile applications, such as directory via Kiosks and Mobile apps, the ability to receive different information in different zones, merchandizing and survey applications, and a cooperation training app.

The BeyondZ Merchandising App is an ready-to-use total mobile solution for Merchandisers in FMCG industries, market research and survey industry. The main elements of the mobile solutions include:

1. Mobile apps in both iOS and Android platform for staff to collect data
2. Ready to use routing, schedule, store list, keypad for staff to use
3. Ready to use for management web administration page to review all the reports instantly.
4. Instant picture review for the Point of Sales Materials in store level
5. Comprehensive and exportable reports

The BeyondZ Merchandising App is a good tool for corporate management teams to replace existing paper and administration work in the merchandising and survey industries with instant updated Market Intelligence Information as a result.

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