Johnson & Johnson Outpaces the Competition with BeyondZ’s Merchandizing Solution on iPad

Retail market information is the battlefield for fast moving consumer goods industry and corporation reply on front line field workers to get the accurate and instant information. The mobile solution provided by BeyondZ can streamline the whole progress by automation of report and re-engineering the steps.

Using traditional methods to collect and analyze marketing intelligence for the retail or fast moving consumer goods industry can require approximately 4-6 working days or more for data entry and analysis. By the time decision makers receive important information, it is often too late to take appropriate action.

Johnson & Johnson, a global company employing more than 126,500 people in over 60 countries in more than 265 operating companies, has always been interested in collecting and analyzing merchandizing data for the products it sells in retail stores. However, using traditional data entry and analytics tools, managers typically had to wait for more one week to act on merchandizing data while its merchandizers collected and analyzed merchandizing data.

With BeyondZ’s merchandizing solution and iPad, Johnson & Johnson revolutionized the way merchandizes its products.

Using BeyondZ’s merchandizing solution on iPad, Johnson & Johnson’s merchandizers can input retail audit information such as out-of-stock items, number of facing products, retail selling prices, promotion mechanics, competitors’ information, etc., into iPads with graphical support. Features like level of login, data encryption, and specific keypads for fast input can fulfill both user and management needs.

With BeyondZ’s new mobile merchandising applications, Johnson & Johnson’s decision-makers can now view dynamic reports instantly – any time and any place. Managers can follow data entered by merchandizers in real time.

Using BeyondZ’s Merchandizing Mobile Solution, Johnson & Johnson saves more than just the time required to produce merchandizing reports. Since adopting BeyondZ’s solution, Johnson & Johnson needs to assign approximately 20 percent fewer employees to perform data entry, report preparation, and data maintenance tasks. And with the integrated encryption in BeyondZ’s software, Johnson & Johnson’s data is more secure than ever.

BeyondZ’s Merchandizing Mobile Solution is a Ready-To-Use app and a total solution with mobile apps, web-report, hosting and data encryption. There is virtually no required setup time, and users can immediately begin generating numeric reports.

About BeyondZ

BeyondZ, one of the iOS in Business Partners, is a leading mobile solution provider with clients based in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Founded in 2011, BeyondZ focuses on corporate mobile solutions for Sales and Marketing, Internal Control, Finance, Market Research, etc. It its first five years of operation, BeyondZ’s global blue-chip client base has grown significantly, and it now includes Sing Tao Group, Group Buyer, Johnson & Johnson, Gucci Group, ING insurance, Gain Miles, Pernod Ricard, Kerry Logistic, Galderma, KVB Kunlun, and B Ducks.

Apart from individual client projects, BeyondZ also deployed an all-in-one solution which combines BLE and mobile applications, such as directory via Kiosks and Mobile apps, the ability to receive different information in different zones, merchandizing and survey applications, and a cooperation training app.