Inchcape 汽車售後服務 升級 iPad 營運系統提升客戶體驗

升級 iPad 營運系統提升客戶體驗

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BusinessPlus Expense

BusinessPlus Expense, from FlexSystem, provides mobile apps and desktop applications for companies to streamline expense-related reimbursement processes from online expense requests, through any multi-tiered supervisor approvals, to financial analysis. General expenses, T&E expenses and any ad-hoc payment requests can be fully categorized to facilitate employee processing whilst finance gains full control and timely transparency over all

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frSIP Mobile

The frSIP Mobile for iOS is a client software designed to work with any enterprise running frSIP UC 2.9.3 or above. Video calling is only available in frSIP UC 3.1 or above. This app provides enterprise mobility by enabling users to pair their mobile phone with their office extensions. You may make and receive calls

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NexChat – Enterprise Instant Messaging & Collaboration App NexChat is the social business tool your business requires to work in collaboration with its customers, colleagues, and partners. Nexify has developed this enterprise instant messaging and collaboration application that helps businesses improve their productivity by delivering the best collaboration tools in a single package. Finding a

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PowerArena – Attraction Management System

PowerArena, from MotherApp, is the simplest way to power your attraction with real-time data. Optimal Guest Distribution PowerArena collects and distributes park information in realtime. By informing staff and guests of park status and also sending out relevant incentives, it reduces congestion, encourages better use of park facilities and provides a better visitor experience for

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ReportNOW, from Integrated Solutions, is a mobile data interchange platform for all organizations. As long as you have an iPhone or iPad, you can stay connected with your business anytime and anywhere. With ReportNOW, users can instantly upload data to their company database(s) over the internet. ReportNOW easily interfaces with most existing database systems, so

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Team More

Bound Less, Team More Team More, from Play More, is the bridge between enterprise and personnel, we endeavoured to break the bounds and provide a user-friendly communication platform for enterprise and their personnel. Team More offers the following features: News News – Obtain and deliver the latest industrial information, corporate news, update reports and etc. for your personnel

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TeamNote, from AppTask, is a mobile productivity platform that enhances your mobile workforce efficiency by delivering easy-to-use features on various tasks..

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