WiFiBB’s Challenge Solved with iOS Mobility Solution

WiFiBB is one of Hong Kong’s largest pocket WiFi rental companies. As one of the pioneers, the company offers WiFi on-the-go services in over 140 destinations all around the world to date.
 They began as a lean business that manually took pocket WiFi rental orders from their commercial office and partnered with distributors to reach more retail customers.

The Challenge

When their business grew exponentially with daily orders rising from the 10s to 100s, WifiBB began facing operational challenges. Manual order processing and inventory tracking became difficult as the demand scaled. The administrative pressure and chances for human error from filling out manual forms created inefficiencies that made operations costly. In addition, inventory could not be tracked in real-time and information mismatch between the client-facing orders and back-end operations and logistics meant that not all orders could be fulfilled.

WiFiBB needed to optimize their business processes as well as increase their real-time data accuracy and operational efficiency to meet the growing demand and to improve their customer experience. They needed a solution that could:

  • Reduce processing errors
  • Increase operation efficiency
  • Minimize information gap
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Empower business insight capability


The Solution

Oursky came right in time to work with WiFiBB to create a mobility solution. WiFiBB was not looking for a standard POS system. They needed a customized solution that is user-friendly to their staff and the customers. Also, they wanted it to be flexible and easy-to-manage for future business expansion. This was why they chose iOS as the platform for their solution.

The solution includes an internal iPad point-of-sale (POS) application with a real-time inventory tracking system using QR code. Completed with a customer CMS that is integrated with WiFiBB infrastructure, it allows users to track their WiFi usage and understand their consumption better.

Why iOS is a Value Added

  • Oursky intuitive UI/UX design powered by the iOS human interface highly shorten users’ learning curve
  • Users can leverage the iPad’s built-in features and iOS capabilities for greatest productivity
  • iOS apps run best on the iPad which allows more stable performance for the business
  • iPad is handy, secure, easy-to-manage, and up-to-date with latest innovations and technologies which meet WiFiBB’s expansion requirement


The Result

Since the launch of the iPad POS system, WiFiBB has been greatly improving their business efficiency by the following:

  • Have a standardized and guiding workflow which facilitates a seamless process to staff
  • Integrate a real-time data collection and tracking mechanism that allows accurate order information to be easily accessible based on business needs
  • Minimize insufficient stock incidents
  • Shorten the processing time on pre-order pickups to 1-2 minutes and drop-in orders to 3-6 minutes
  • Reduce the queuing time at the counter even during peak hours
  • Have the ability to access complete customer profiles and historical sales trend for better business planning

The Business Outcome

The solution is not only transforming the way WiFiBB is doing for business, but it also brings a significant return on investment:

  • Sales growth by 400%
  • Increase daily check-in/out by 1000 transactions
  • Expand service coverage by setting up a dedicated counter at the Hong Kong International Airport

Oursky is providing ongoing maintenance and enhancement services to ensure the solution is running smoothly. They are developing modules to assist WiFiBB’s business operations, such as backend automation server to track data usage, monitor exceeded usage, manage data speed restrictions and service charges as well as insurance portal, etc.


About Oursky

Oursky is a Hong Kong-based software development company who has teamed up with startups, listed companies, agencies, education institutions, and NGOs from all over the world to create digital solutions leveraging the Apple ecosystem. Their team of developers includes AI specialists who build algorithms and train new neural network models. Oursky’s services include, but are not limited to, image classification, sequence to sequence model, natural language processing, generative models, sound and signal processing, and facial detection for integration with AR features in applications.

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