Tofugear Showcases the Full Power of iOS for Retail at RAE 2017

Tofugear, one of the iOS in Business Partners, was pleased to showcase its comprehensive iOS retail platform at the 2017 Retail Asia Expo.


Tofugear is a disruptive player in the retail technology industry. An end-to-end unified commerce platform, Tofugear Omnitech empowers retailers to bridge the gap with the connected consumer by providing an agile approach to seamless integration and affordable innovation.


At the annual Retail Asia Expo, Hong Kong’s landmark event for retail, over 9,000 visitors explored the latest trends and insights from leading industry experts. In this year’s Retail Asia Trend Trail, Tofugear Omnitech’s Connected Fitting Room was chosen by world renowned brand agency, Fitch, to demonstrate what happens when you bring IoT technology, mobile, and artificial intelligence into a single customer experience within the fitting room. With such unprecedented levels of data capture, insights into consumer preferences and seamlessness of the interaction, Tofugear’s Connected Fitting Room inspired many visitors to think differently about their approach to using technology in their own business.


At Tofugear’s relatively large exhibition space, visitors were able to experience the implementation of unified commerce technology in a real retail environment for themselves. This included segments tailored to fashion & apparel, fragrance & beauty, fine watches & jewelry and more.


In the co-located Omni-Channel Retailing Conference, Tofugear’s Managing Partner, Carson McKelvey, also shared key insights on the challenges that many businesses are facing with digital transformation and how retailers are using technology in their businesses. Backed by his own experiences in translating his client’s digital strategies into actionable initiatives, Carson presented to delegates some of the realities that retail businesses needed to face; the need to be customer centric, digital business ready, and collaborative with technology partners.

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Andrew Leciejewski, one of Tofugear’s other four Managing Partners, also shared his insights on the realities of executing a digital transformation on a panel discussion with industry experts Joelle Woo – Director of Business Development at Microsoft HK, Gordon Lam – Deputy Director of the Guangdong Asia Pacific E-Commerce Institute, Giovanni Musillo, Head of Acquisition at ZALORA, and moderator Pamela Chong, Experience Centre Director at PwC Consulting.


The key take-away for everyone at this year’s event was that traditional retailers need to align themselves entirely to their customers and the experience by bringing operations together, whether it is in-store, online or on a mobile device. To learn more about how Tofugear is helping retailers to achieve a truly omni-channel strategy for their business, please visit: