Crown Motors Wows Guests with Interactive Content on iPads at New Flagship Showroom

Crown Motors Ltd, the renowned automotive distributor for Toyota, Lexus and Hino, operates various showrooms, service centres and parts centres conveniently located throughout Hong Kong.

Customer service has long been of paramount importance in the ultra-competitive automotive industry.  Already a leader in providing the utmost level of customer service, Crown Motors decided to focus on something more as it was finalizing plans to open its new Kowloon Bay Flagship Showroom – customer experience.

Crown Motors decided to enlist the services of Legato Technologies, a full service iOS and macOS software developer, to offer a truly immersive and informative experience to guests at the new showroom by utilizing an application on iPad devices connected to iBeacons installed throughout the venue.

At a special opening event on 13 April, 2017, guests were thrilled to embark on a tour of the new showroom with iPad as their guide.  By using iBeacons installed throughout the showroom, customers received real-time brand and model information for each demo car within the shop on iPad devices as soon as they approached a designated area. Thanks to the intuitive interface Legato developed for iPad, the technology delivered a seamless, digital and interactive customer experience.

Crown Motors is proud to cement its role as the leader in customer service and customer experience by being the first in the automotive industry to employ indoor location-based technology (iBeacon).

With iPad, our customers received a special and extraordinary experience at our Kowloon Bay Flagship Showroom’s Grand Opening” — Hon Yeung, Marketing Manager for Crown Motors, Limited

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About Legato Technologies

Legato Technologies Limited is a full service iOS and macOS software developer, with experience creating powerful mobile marketing applications, enterprise mobile and server workflow systems, mobile social communities, mobile advertising solutions and marketing campaigns.

Aside from the innovative iPad solution for Crown Motors, Legato has developed a host of powerful solutions for business customers both in Hong Kong and abroad.

For more information, please visit Legato’s website, or contact Legato directly.