MotherApp Conducts Crowd Management PoC In Kwun Tong

MotherApp recently deployed its mobile crowd management solution – PowerArena- to understand people and vehicle flows at Hoi Yuen Road, next to the Kwun Tong MTR Station Exit, one of the busiest road in Kwun Tong.

Crowded situations in Kwun Tong


Real-time monitoring with outdoor mobile units


PowerArena is a real-time crowd management mobile platform that enables timely collection, analysis and dissemination of people and object flows, wait times and relevant information, using IoT and Big Data technologies.

PowerArena collects data by a self-developed combination of smart sensors with high mobility and flexibility. The data empowers operators to make calculated decisions to enhance operational efficiency, through proactive management of people flow, and identification of opportunities to improve the flexibility of manpower management.


PowerArena monitoring the crowds on a busy road in Kwun Tong.


Tracking vehicles by surveillance cameras from a bird’s eye view.


Tracking people by surveillance cameras from a bird’s eye view.


PowerArena mobile unit for flexible and easy deployment.


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