Canvas Automates How Work Gets Done.

Canvas is the revolutionary platform which automates and simplifies virtually all  enterprise mobile forms and work processes.  With Canvas, businesses can automate traditionally outdated processes, such as:

  • Job Dispatches & Mobile Payments
  • Inventory Management
  • Inspections + Health & Safety Checks

In addition, Canvas can simply and automate traditionally inefficient paperwork processes, such as:

  • Job Estimates & Invoices
  • Time Sheets & Mileage Reports
  • Waivers & Medical Histories

As a result, businesses can become up to 92% more efficient, while reducing expenses and achieving up to a 35% acceleration in cash flow.


Canvas works on both iPhone and iPad devices, so users can access the powerful platform from any place at any time.  And virtually anybody can start creating digital forms on Canvas’ Form Builder with no programming or IT knowledge required.

Canvas offers a vast content directory of over 23,000 pre-built mobile forms, each of which is easily customized with the Form Builder function. And with over 30 vertical industry sectors and hundreds of job roles and tasks covered, businesses can start using Canvas right away.

Click here for a detailed tour of Canvas to learn more about Canvas and how it can help your company improve efficiency while saving money.

About Canvas
Canvas, one of the iOS in Business Partners, offers a mobile platform that makes it simple for business to automate how work is done, replacing outdated processes and expensive paperwork.

Canvas works on iPhone and iPad devices, helping companies to easily collect information, share it instantly with others and gain real-time insights about their business operations.

With the Canvas App Builder, you have the ability to fully create and customize as many mobile apps as your business requires. The Canvas PDF Designer tool allows you to fully customize the look and feel of all the reports that your apps generate in seconds.