The True Impact of Internet of Things (IoT)

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When it comes to IoT, it seems like all the buzz revolves around consumer gadgets like smart watches, smart headphones and even smart coffee machines. But in fact, the true impact of IoT lies in B2B applications. And IoT is not just about things, but how you approach product design, service, marketing, human resources and security.

At MotherApp, we are working on some pioneering IoT projects and have felt the impact of IoT first hand. Our PowerArena product, for example, is an award-winning crowd management solution based on IoT. It helps theme parks to improve their operations by keeping queues short and customers happy. We’ve also taken it into the smart initiatives of a range of organizations and industries. And we are really excited about sharing our experience with businesses as they strive to create a more liveable city for us all. This is just the beginning, and we believe IoT will make a lot of impact in optimizing operations and creating innovative business models.

At MotherApp, we care about people. And we want to contribute to society in every way we can. So we are also doing pro bono work with the Christian Concern For The Homeless Association on their technology roadmap, and sharing our experiences on design and entrepreneurship with students in Hong Kong and overseas.

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