Learn about MewMe at iOS Real Estate Mobility Workshop

On Wednesday, April 26, PowerMew Technology will host an interactive workshop to showcase its powerful MewMe solution to real estate agents and property developers at an iOS Real Estate Mobility Workshop.MewMe Logo_500x376_Apple Mobility Programme

MewMe is a revolutionary online social platform for real estate agents and customers which provides insightful data to influencers in the real estate industry and offers an intuitive interface for customers to browse available property.

PowerMew launched its mobile and web applications in May 2016, and the mobile applications are now available in the Apple App Store. Users can find their dream house via MewMe at any time anywhere. They are free to share the apartment information with family, friends and even anyone without MewMe accounts. To distinguish itself from competitors, PowerMew provides virtual reality service for the convenience of agents and potential buyers all around the world. With this immersive content, users can see the 360 degree panoramic views of a property from their iPhone or iPad.

Using Apple map service, PowerMew provides a full landscape of available property selling and leasing information. With the state-of-art Apple Siri voice recognition technology, users just simply speak out the address rather than typing the lengthy address and they can instantly get the available property listings in the Apple map.

MewMe also offers powerful tools for property agents.  Using MewMe, real estate agents can access more than 400,000 transaction records of 10-year property selling statistics. By utilizing their social network platform, agents can find up-to-date property information efficiently.  Since MewMe is an open platform, individual real estate agents and small agencies can also use the system to build up their reputation, which is an essential factor in drawing more market share and in breaking the monopoly in the real estate agency business in Hong Kong.

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About PowerMew Technology
PowerMew Technology, an Apple Authorized Business Solution Provider and one of the iOS in Business Partners, provides a revolutionary experience in exploring apartments. With its social networking platform called MewMe, they believe it will become the next “LinkedIn” in the real estate business that connects and communicates proprietors, buyers, tenants and estate agents. MewMe refers to “purr from cats”, “mobile estate web” and the “private space” for users.

Through PowerMew’s participation in the iOS in Business Program, and as an Apple Authorized Business Solution Provider, PowerMew Technology hopes to modernize the real estate industry and implement a paperless home office environment with Apple iOS mobile devices.

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