Announcing the Release of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS

Just a few weeks ago, Apple and SAP announced the release of a new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS which makes it easier than ever to build powerful native iOS apps which integrate seamlessly with the SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP’s powerful Cloud Platform helps businesses around the world manage a wide range of critical processes, including expenses, human resources workflows, sales transactions, and more. Now it’s easier than ever to harness the security, intuitive interface, and mobile capabilities of iOS with this new SDK.

With the new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, developers can easily build state-of-the-art mobile applications which take advantage of iOS while seamlessly connecting to back-end processes running on SAP’s Cloud Platform.

CM Solutions, one of the iOS in Business Partners, is pleased to offer a powerful lineup of inventory and warehouse management iOS applications which connect to the SAP Cloud Platform. To learn more about CM Solutions’ applications and how they can benefit your business, click here.