Tigerspike Launches Intelligence Dashboard with MewMe in Hong Kong

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Tigerspike and PowerMew Technology are excited to announce a new partnership that will see Tigerspike’s Intelligence Dashboard launch in the Hong Kong market for the first time. After an introduction through the iOS in Business Program, MewMe has implemented an Intelligence iOS SDK which marks the commencement of a three month pilot that will allow the MewMe product owner to visualise key data points in order to track the success of their iOS application in the market.

About Intelligence
The Intelligence Dashboard is Tigerspike’s real-time data visualisation tool – a quick and easy way to build out a dashboard for Senior Management powered by pre-built components displaying key metrics to measure the success of the digital product.  Tigerspike selects only the data that counts, and it uses design thinking to deliver rapid business value. Based on 13 years experience working on complex mobile and digital projects for our Fortune 500 customers, Tigerspike has have developed a unique integrated XD approach. Tigerspike works closely with customers to solve business problems and set their digital products up for success.

In this competitive environment, businesses need to ensure they are delivering digital products people want to use. This isn’t easy. Tigerspike sees businesses struggle to deliver the right experience, find it hard to track the right data and internal processes make it hard to deliver value fast. The Intelligence Suite is a set of tools built to equip businesses with the knowledge required to improve productivity, efficiency, and engagement.


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About Tigerspike

Tigerspike, one of the iOS in Business Partners, is a global digital products company specializing in strategy, experience design, development and systems integration. We deliver business value fast, creating products that are differentiated by the experience, the technology, and the data derived from both. We identify business needs, then design, build, integrate and manage these solutions.

We deliver ROI by identifying success metrics for the business and the user, tracking both data sets throughout the product delivery lifecycle. Our proprietary Intelligence tools tracks these for you from Day 1, from any data source, and extracts powerful insights that drive ongoing value after launch.

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About PowerMew Technology

PowerMew Technology, an Apple Authorized Business Solution Provider and one of the iOS in Business Partners, provides a revolutionary experience in exploring apartments. With its social networking platform called MewMe, they believe it will become the next “LinkedIn” in the real estate business that connects and communicates proprietors, buyers, tenants and estate agents. MewMe refers to “purr from cats”, “mobile estate web” and the “private space” for users.

Through PowerMew’s participation in the iOS in Business Program, and as an Apple Authorized Business Solution Provider, PowerMew Technology hopes to modernize the real estate industry and implement a paperless home office environment with Apple iOS mobile devices.

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