The Employee Experience is Everything

Tigerspike-logoThe world we work is changing through technology and as younger generations enter the workforce. Employers have to embrace technology and new working practices to ensure they can attract and retain the top talent. The ‘Employee Experience’ is an essential part of the workplace of the future. 2016 saw millennials enter the workforce and, with them, a change of attitude to work tools and practices. The continued rise of the gig economy has meant firms have to provide flexible working environments for their staff. Working from home is common, as is working on a beach for a company on a different continent.

At Tigerspike we’ve talked for a long time about expectations from the consumer world bleeding into the corporate world. We expect usable tools and systems at work where the user experience is as good as any app we would download. Millennials, in particular, want to work collaboratively with tools that make them more efficient. We’re also seeing VR and AR being used to help train and recruit employees across multiple industries including the military, construction and oil rigs.


IoT and Machine Learning will become important in the office environment.

We’re already seeing IoT and Machine Learning understanding our working environments and when we perform at our best. This year, we’ll see IoT and Machine Learning start to sense when we’re tired and alter our environment to help us stay focussed, either by turning on the a/c or turning up the brightness of the lights in our offices.

‘The experience’ becomes everything.

Businesses seeking further employee productivity, efficiency and engagement will focus on all aspects of ‘the employee experience’. As the candidate landscape continues to evolve, how businesses empower and value their workforce with high-end software experiences becomes a critical competitive advantage.

About Tigerspike 

Tigerspike, one of the iOS in Business Partners, is a global digital products company specializing in strategy, experience design, development and systems integration. We deliver business value fast, creating products that are differentiated by the experience, the technology, and the data derived from both. We identify business needs, then design, build, integrate and manage these solutions.

We deliver ROI by identifying success metrics for the business and the user, tracking both data sets throughout the product delivery lifecycle. Our proprietary Intelligence tools tracks these for you from Day 1, from any data source, and extracts powerful insights that drive ongoing value after launch.

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