Introducing Domotz – The Incredible Value Added IoT Tool for System Integrators

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Domotz is a network monitoring system for any system network. Via iPhone, iPad and Macbook devices, you can easily manage your networks or device and remotely solve problems from anywhere and across devices.

How Domotz Drives Profit

1. Proactive Remote Troubleshooting
Remote power and access features enable you to perform key troubleshooting actions from anywhere. Discover and solve problems in real-time.

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2. Save Money & Time
Powerful features at an affordable cost. Save heaps of money and time by performing key troubleshooting actions from your office. Fewer truck rolls and site visits.

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3. Automation System Integration
Support for 10+ leading Automation Systems (Crestron, Control4, Lutron, Amx) and Integration with 99% of the most popular PDU’s and managed switches.

4. Easy to Use
No manuals, training or PhD required. A very simple interface, that enables everyone in your organization to provide remote support from your office.

5. Simplified Support
Discover and solve problems before your customer or client even notices something has gone wrong.

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About Visivo

Visivo Group International, one of the Hong Kong Mobility Partners, is an accredited distributor and professional consultant on IT/AV solution products. It has more than 10 years of experience in IT/AV industry, and it understands the market well.

Visivo’s products include the hottest products in the IT/AV markets, and it is committed to maintain the shortest lead-time to satisfy customers’ requirements in order to provide the most efficient project delivery.

Visivo also provides competent IT/AV advisory and custom design solutions for customers, and it assists customer’s in the selection and development of the most suitable solution and consultation works.

Over the years, Visivo has earned its reputation as the preferred distributor by world renowned brands such as Savant, iPort, Luxul, Just Add Power, DVDO, Bluesound, NAD, PSB and Wall Smart. For more information about some of the products Visivo offers in Hong Kong and Macau, click the link below to download a product brochure.