iSAPPOS Announces new iPhone Jacket POS Peripherals

iSAPPOS, one of the iOS in Business Partners, provides the finest peripherals to enable Apple’s products to do POS – Point of Service.

After establishing itself as a leader in iOS POS accessories with its popular all-in-one Multifunctional iPad POS Stand, iSAPPOS is pleased to announce the release of its iPhone 2D Scanning Jacket.

Finest business companion for iPhone
newest-iphone-pos-for-iphone-6-6s-with-nfc-reader_3What if there is a way to turn your already feature-rich iPhone into an enterprise-grade business companion, a way to empower your employees to drive more sales and improve productivity?

iSAPPOS’ iPhone Jacket does just that.

iSAPPOS’ iPhone Jacket expands the capability of your iPhone with a responsive 2D scanner and a robust RFID reader. The 2D scanner offers high accuracy that can help eliminate the potential for human error while collecting crucial information. The RFID reader offers broad compatibility for collecting data from various of types of RFID cards that are commonly used in many workplaces.

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Key Features

  • High performance 2D scanneriSAPPOS Picture1
  • RFID reader (Supports Felica)
  • Built-in battery
  • Bluetooth Simple Setup
  • Lightweight, stylish and durable housing
  • Quick and accurate data collection
  • Robust and consistent data capture
  • Maximized enterprise mobility
  • Integrated hardware with iOS SDK
  • Ergonomic and purpose-built


Inventory Management
warehouse-pos-with-2d-scanner-to-collect-data-with-nfc-reader-from-ios-pos-supplier-which-is-called-isappos_origManaging Inventory can be cumbersome and prone to errors. iSAPPOS iPhone Jacket empowers your employees to work efficiently and accurately by allowing them to use their own iPhone or a company-issued iPhone which they are most likely already familiar with. The Jacket streamlines the workflow and provides improved accuracy with the built-in high performance 2D scanner.





Retail POS
newest-iphone-pos-is-retail-pos-sell-more-to-customer-for-good-choice_origProvide instant product stock lookup and keep customers more engaged with more personalized customer service. You can greatly reduce customer wait time by avoiding running back and forth between customer and the stock system located at a fixed location, thus increasing customer satisfaction and driving more sales with improved productivity.




Enterprise-Grade 2D Scanner
newest-iphone-pos-2d-scanneriSAPPOS iPhone Jacket offers frontline workers high performance and accurate scanning experience by incorporating an enterprise-grade 2D scanning engine from Honeywell that delivers high frame rate with a high quality image sensor. The scan engine provides distinctive advantage with broad compatibility of commonly used symbologies and configurable settings that can always meet customers’ needs in a diversified and challenging environment.





Broad Compatability RFID Reader
isappos-iphone-pos-with-rfid-reader-support-most-card-standard-including-felica_origThe iSAPPOS iPhone Jacket’s built-in RFID reader provides compatibility to a wide variety of RFID cards that are commonly used in many verticals. It is ideal for applications such as ID verification at a workplace for staff management, or at an exhibition for guest management. The RFID reader also opens up the possibility to enable contactless payments with Sony Felica compatibility.




Ergonomic and Purpose-built
newest-iphone-pos-2d-scanner-with-nfc-reader_origThe iSAPPOS iPhone Jacket’s casing provides enhanced durability for iPhone devices.  It is purpose-built to be ergonomic friendly for repetitive work day-in and day-out. The iSAPPOS iPhone Jacket allows many frontline workers to work with improved productivity in a challenging and demanding environment and provides businesses a great return on hardware investment.






Easy Integration
iSAPPOS further expands the power of the iPhone Jacket by giving users access to enterprise-grade hardware through an easy to use iOS SDK. Allowing you to greatly reduce the time to market and just focus on building your amazing app.

iSAPPOS is now inviting interested partners to test out the new iPhone Jacket. Try out one of these amazing new devices with your hardware today!

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