InVue’s Commercial Solutions Allow Businesses To Securely Deploy iPads

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Consumers today expect speed, mobility and efficiency when interacting with businesses. iPads can have a significant impact on streamlining operations and transforming the customer experience. From digital signage to POS, InVue’s commercial solutions products work as powerful tools in creating a brand difference, cutting costs, securing data, saving space and increasing sales.

InVue provides best-in-class iPad enhancement products that help protect your iPad while allowing complete, unhindered use of its functions. Since they first appeared in retail stores, InVue products have been used globally to secure and display high value handheld electronics. This experience enables us to bring the same innovation, product quality and user understanding to our commercial solutions.

No matter where or how businesses deploy iPads, InVue has the product that:

  • Securely displays iPads
  • Allows easy access to iPad features
  • Provides power to the iPad
  • Enables quick mobility

InVue Commercial Solutions
CT300 – The CT300 is an innovative iPad display that provides exceptional customer interaction and increased sales. It features 3-axis viewing and optional POS device integration that enables transactions wherever and whenever customers are ready. Auditing and unlimited mobility are possible with software control and rapid undocking technology.

CT200 – With the launch of this newest product, the CT200, InVue now has a complete line up for every need. This high security, fixed iPad solution allows businesses to place iPads anywhere. It features three stand options that include a counter display, wall/VESA mount and floor stand. The CT200 is ideal for applications that require the iPads that are rarely moved. Tamper resistant and durable enough for high traffic environments, the CT200 is distinct in its ability to offer security and ease of maintenance in any commercial setting.

CT100 – The CT100 provides extremely tough protection and is very simple to install and use. When docked, the CT100 automatically locks and begins charging so the iPad is secure, powered and ready for use. The rugged iPad enclosure can be easily removed for mobile use and includes ergonomically designed handles with straps to reduce user fatigue.

All InVue Commercial products work with our innovative electronic CT Key. The CT Key is a single key solution that is superior to traditional keys. The CT Key allows for secure and rapid undocking. A unique secure code can be programmed by location or have the same code for all locations. The CT Key can be quickly and easily recoded and reused as many times as needed.
With InVue, businesses can perfectly connect iPads and people in the workplace.

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About InVue
InVue provides global retailers and commercial businesses with innovative sales enablement solutions. InVue products balance the need for excellent sales and customer service with best-in-class security requirements and store aesthetics. From helping retailers secure and display high-theft merchandise to leveraging tablets for commercial business use, and partnering with OEM brands to securely display their merchandise, InVue solutions provide an exceptional value to our retail, business and brand customers.

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