RL Neo Classics Launches Live Auction Platform on iPad

There are not too many events more exciting than a live auction.  This is especially true for classic car lovers, as classic car auctions offer a unique opportunity to view multiple rare and collectible classic cars in one location, and perhaps to even take one home!

RL Neo Classics: a Trailblazer in Hong Kong Classic Car Auctions 

RL Neo Classics is a name that carries with it strong heritage and experience. Its founder, Dr. Richard Lee is renowned for his contributions to the automotive scene in Hong Kong, having built the Italian Motors and Auto Italia brands, the exclusive distributors for Ferrari and Maserati, and creating a viable market for them.

Building upon Dr. Lee’s network within the automotive space and his passion for classic cars, RL Neo Classics brings a world class automotive trading platform to the region, offering end to end service for its clients.  In June 2016, RL Neo Classics hosted the first ever classic car auction in Hong Kong.  At the highly successful event, hosted by Mr. Guy Loveridge, the world renowned classic car consultant, historian, author and publisher,  guests had the opportunity to bid on a host of rare and collectible cars, ranging from a Mercedes 190SL Roadster to a very rare Maserati Khamsin.

June Auction

RL Neo Classics Enlists Technology to Modernize the Auction Experience

Behind the excitement in every live auction lies a tremendous amount of manual labor.  Everything from bidder registration, to lot numbers, to item descriptions must be manually coordinated.  And that’s before the auction ever begins.  Facilitating the actual auction then requires an army of personnel to monitor bids, communicate with remote bidders, monitor active bidders, and collect information from winning bidders.

After RL Neo Classics hosted the first ever classic car auction in Hong Kong, the organizers faced an even greater challenge.  While its key mission is to provide a unique channel for Asian collectors to acquire classic and collective cars within the region, RL Neo Classics had also successfully stirred-up interests from collectors in the West who hoped to bid on cars in future auctions without traveling to Hong Kong.  Without the help of powerful new technology, RL Neo Classics would face a very difficult time managing bids from multiple locations while also offering an enjoyable experience for its on-site guests.

RL Neo Classics decided to depart from the traditionally labor-intensive manually facilitated live auction by creating an automated registration system to accept and coordinate bids in real time through the web. This real-time online bidding platform which caters to buyers globally would be the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

RL Neo Classics Develops BidBuyLive Auction Platform

RL Neo Classics developed BidBuyLive with security at its core. In BidBuyLive, personal and transaction data is handled according to to standards set forth by the PCI Security Council, as well as security measures drafted by the Hong Kong Government’s OGCIO. BidBuyLive’s primary servers are deployed within Hong Kong’s borders, so to further optimize the performance for foreign users, RL Neo Classics opted to include Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) strategically located across the globe.

RL Neo Classics also designed its user interface to be as intuitive as possible, accessible by users of any age group from any background. The firm concentrated on providing every pertinent piece of information relevant to the bidder with the most simplicity.

RL Neo Classics Opts for iPad Devices for BidBuyLive Use at Next Auction

RL Neo Classics understands that a unique and positive customer experience is of paramount importance in a classic car auction.  After its first live auction in June 2016, some guests commented that they preferred a more anonymous method to bid on cars, as opposed to raising a paddle in front of the rest of the guests.  RL Neo Classics decided to supply tablets at its next auction to allow guests to browse available cars, enter bids before the live auction commenced, and adjust maximum bids during the live auction.

To ensure the most intuitive and easy-to-use interface, RL Neo Classics decided to deploy iPad Devices at its next auction.  For an extra level of customization, RL Neo Classics collaborated with Apple’s Hong Kong Enterprise Team to laser etch RL Neo Classics’ logo on the back of each iPad to be loaned to registered bidders during the auction.

Customized iPads

BidBuyLive and iPad Devices Help Make RL Neo Classics’ November Auction a Resounding Success

RL Neo Classics ensured that BidBuyLive, developed as a digital world-wide marketplace to allow prospective buyers from Asia, the United States, the United Kingdom and elsewhere, to participate and bid on available cars, was ready for launch at its RL Neo Classics’ next auction.

The auction, a 2-day event held at Hong Kong’s Cyberport on the 12th and 13th November 2016 in collaboration with The CyberPort Arcade, drew a crowd of over 600 guests – triple the attendance from the previous auction. The auction showcased a collection of automobile makes and models similar to those which have appeared in classic Hollywood movies and television series, such as James Bond, Pulp Fiction, Miami Vice, Bad Boys and The New Avengers. A total of 21 rare and collectible automobiles by the world’s most renowned carmakers including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, BMW, Ford, Jaguar and Honda were featured.

Perhaps the most spirited bidding was seen between three bidders in the room and two online bidders for the 1958 Mercedes 190 SL Roadster – a similar make and model to that which made an appearance in the 1956 Movie “High Society” starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra. The car ultimately sold for more than HK $1.2 million (pre-auction estimate: HK $1.15 – 1.3 million).  Arguably the most important factor with this particular Mercedes was that it is fully Hong Kong Licensed and ready to be driven.

The beautiful classic cars were not the only source of intrigue at the auction.  BidBuyLive received significant praise, helping several people bid on cars remotely via the internet, including one successful remote bidder, and allowing several people in attendance at the event to submit bids privately via iPad devices without raising a paddle in front of the crowd.

For more information on upcoming auctions, visit www.rlneoclassics.com.