Paprika Builds Customer Loyalty with Gravitas’ Mobile Relationship Management System on iOS

Customer Loyalty: Necessary for Retail Success

Few things are as important to retail stores as loyal customers.  For Sam Leung, the founder and designer of the Japanese-style handbag retailer Paprika, building and maintaining loyalty amongst his customers is perhaps the most important ingredient to the continued success of his business.

Paprika Considers How to Respond to a Changing Customer Base

Over the past 16 years, Sam has grown Paprika from a single outlet to 10 independent boutiques and two fashion counters throughout Hong Kong. Until recently, many of Paprika’s customers have been tourists who shop for handbags during short visits to Hong Kong.  Since these customers live elsewhere, it was not extremely important or feasible to cultivate their loyalty to Paprika and incentivize their prompt return.

However, given the changing tourism and economic landscape in Hong Kong, Paprika must now rely more on local customers from Hong Kong.  Building customer loyalty to foster repeat business is not only now possible.  It is necessary to Paprika’s continued success.

Traditional customer loyalty programs have existed for decades.  They are often only moderately successful, and they require difficult and time-consuming administrative work to function.  Paprika was left with a difficult decision: whether to continue to rely on a dwindling tourist population or adopt a costly and potentially unsuccessful loyalty program to generate business.

Gravitas’ Mobile Relationship Management to the Rescue!

Luckily for Paprika, Gravitas Group developed a Mobile Relationship Management system running on iOS which allows retail stores and restaurants to digitally track, manage, and build customer loyalty, all without requiring customers to carry additional membership cards, and without requiring cumbersome administrative work on the back end.

By combining the power of mobile internet, bluetooth technology and the cloud in one solution, Gravitas’ Mobile Relationship Management, or MRM, system allows retail stores and restaurants to engage customers and efficiently convert online leads to offline customer traffic. Smart bluetooth technology brings store managers meaningful data (i.e., who has redeemed offers, when, and where; which offers are most often redeemed; etc.).

Gravitas 4

With Gravitas’ MRM system, retail stores and restaurants easily a mobile app which customers can use to find nearby stores and restaurants and receive notifications about new offers and deals.  When customers come to a store or restaurant, the MRM system automatically tracks customer purchases, obviating the need for costly and time-consuming administrative work to record and analyze data.

The cloud-based interface then allows stores and restaurants to manage, execute and monitor their membership programs and marketing activities on an iPhone or iPad anytime and anywhere with a few clicks.

Gravitas’ MRM Solution on iOS Transforms Paprika’s Business

Sam had never imagined that an electronic mobile membership program running on iOS could offer such convenience to both his chain of Paprika stores and to his customers.

Gravitas 6

Paprika launched Gravitas’ MRM system in 2015.  In just the first quarter after its launch, Paprika recruited 4,000 new members into its mobile membership program.

Gravitas 7

With Gravitas’ MRM system, Sam can now monitor memberships, track membership growth, and review promotion campaigns, all from his iPad. He can even compare performance in different Paprika stores through a simple, user-friendly iOS interface.

Since launching Gravitas’ MRM system in 2015, Paprika has experienced a surge in repeat customer business.  With Gravitas’ MRM system, Paprika has been able to increase the number of repeat customers at its stores by 45%.  This is particularly important, since repeat customers at Paprika’s stores on average spend approximately 20% more than new customers.

With Gravitas’ MRM system, Paprika now runs regular member-exclusive offers for its members.  Paprika stores trigger push notifications for each new offer to its members, which then prompts members to return to Paprika stores.

Gravitas Offer Screenshot

About Gravitas Group

Gravitas Group, one of the iOS in Business Partners, is the leading mobile marketing company in Asia. Since 2003, it has served over 200 brands of Fortune 500 companies, listed multinational corporations and renowned local groups, providing unique marketing strategies through mobile applications. It has executed more than 2,000 successful campaigns in the last decade.