Healthcare Distributor Responds to Rapid Growth with CM Solutions’ Warehouse Management System

When Mekim moved into a new 100,000 square foot warehouse to serve more than 1,000 hospitals, clinics, supermarkets, pharmacies and medicine stores, it needed a flexible warehouse management system (WMS) that would integrate smoothly with its current ERP system and provide a reliable, accurate and complete view of its fast-growing operations.

Mekim’s Challenges
With strong growth comes particularly demanding challenges. Mekim manages several thousand SKUs for the products which it dispatches to thousands of customers each and every day. To best serve its customers, Mekim operates warehouses in multiple districts in Hong Kong, many of which are located on multiple floors in high-rise industrial buildings. As speed and accuracy are the key success factors in the healthcare products industry, Mekim cannot afford to delay delivery of any of its products. Indeed, one of Mekim’s products is the balloon catheter used in angioplasty; a delay in the product’s delivery could have serious consequences.

Mekim Adopts CM Solutions’ Warehouse Management System
Mekim decided that CM Solutions’ Warehouse Management System running on iOS was exactly the solution to manage its complex delivery and logistics system. With CM Solutionss WMS on the iOS platform, Mekim is able to leverage wave picking and optimize its picking path. Mekim can assign a pick order to a picker based on the nearest location, thus minimizing travel distance and maximizing productivity. Mekim can also split delivery orders into multiple pick orders from different floors of warehouses and then re-combine the orders when loading products onto delivery trucks.

CM 1

CM Solutions’ WMS works hand-in-hand with with Bluetooth barcode scanners and label printers, and it works seamlessly with all versions of SAP ERP, including IS-Retail, and other major ERP systems. And And with CM Solutions’ WMS, a native iPhone app guarantees the best user experience and worker performance.

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Customer Benefits

Since adopting CM Solutions’ WMS on iOS, Mekim has increased its picking accuracy to 99.99%. Mekim has doubled its warehouse daily throughput, while also decreasing its pickers’ idle time by 40%. Mekim also improved its internal communications through iMessage, push email capabilities, and FaceTime on its employees’ iOS devices. And CM Solutions’ WMS also allows Mekim to save paper – Mekim now runs a completely paperless warehouse operation.

“CM Solutions completely changed the working atmosphere in our warehouse. Our workers were passive and waiting for the next assignment. Now they are all intelligent workers.” – Clement Tsang, General Manager, Mekim

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